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Saturday – 5/9/2020

The Workout for Saturday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Metcon] “Kelly” 5 Rounds for Time -400m run -30 Box Jumps 24/20″ (Find a ledge, bench, etc to jump to or sub with Tuck jumps) -30 Wall Balls (Sub with Jump Squats or Goblet squats) [Accessory] Abs with Troy!!! *Check SugarWOD [Engine Builder] 18 Rounds -Run/Machine 30 […]

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Friday – 5/8/2020

The Workout for Friday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Force Production] Depth Jump 5 Sets of 3 Reps *Rest 90 seconds between sets [Metcon] *Check SugarWOD. [Accessory] Every 90 seconds, for 10 Rounds -20 Russian KB Swings (70/55) OR Fire Hydrants (10/side) *If you do Fire Hydrants, perform all 10 reps on one side before switching. […]

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Thursday – 5/7/2020

The Workout for Thursday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Metcon] With a 20 minute clock… -30 sec Plank immediately into; -30 sec Max Bicycle Cruches (Rt+Lt = 2) *Continue until you reach 200 reps Straight into… -30 sec Plank immediately into; -30 sec Max Air Squats *Continue until you reach 100 reps Straight into…. -30 sec […]

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Wednesday – 5/6/2020

The Workout for Wednesday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Strength Part 1] Death by Push-Ups *Check SugarWOD for Details. [Strength Part 2] EMOM x 10 Minutes -10 Strict Pull-Ups OR Bent Over Rows *Depending on equipment or the weight you have you may adjust the rep scheme. Ask a coach for help if you need it. […]

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Tuesday – 5/5/2020

Happy Cinco de Mayo Team!!! Post your fiesta and tag the gym!!! The Workout for Tuesday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Metcon] For Time -Buy-In: 800m Run Then, accumulate; -100 Alternating Pistols -100 Handstand Push-Ups Then -Cash-Out: 800m Run *You can break up the Pistols and Handstand Push-Ups however you see fit. [Accessory] 3 Rounds for […]

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