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Friday – 4/3/2020

The Workout for Friday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Force Production] EMOM x 15 Minutes Minute 1 – 3-Speed High Knees x 5 sec each (watch video on SugarWod) Minute 2 – 1 Vertical Jump + 1 Broad Jump x 3 reps Minute 3 – Rest [Metcon] AMRAP x 15 Minutes 2 – 2 – 2 […]

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Thursday – 4/2/2020

The Workout for Thursday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME Only one piece today. The engine builder and recover should be the only focus for the day. If you missed a day from earlier in the week, feel free to make that up. [Engine Builder] -Run/Machine x 38 minutes *Consistent pace, no kick at the finish. *Track […]

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Wednesday – 4/1/2020

The Workout for Wednesday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Strength] HUMP DAY / PUMP DAY EMOM x 10 Minutes “X” number of Pulling Variation “X” number of Pushing Variation *For our “Alpha” protocol, we typically see around 5 strict pull-ups + 5 strict ring dips OTM for 10 minutes. We are giving you the option today […]

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Tuesday – 3/31/2020

The Workout for Tuesday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Metcon] For Time -1 Mile Run -100 Burpees -1 Mile Run *Tuesday’s we are going long with our metcons! The weather is beautiful today (or at least it is supposed to be as I am typing this), so get outside and do the work. Nothing like a […]

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Monday – 3/30/2020

The Workout for Monday is: WORKOUT FROM HOME [Strength] Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets) -Bulgarian Split Squat x 14 reps /leg @ 2020 tempo *Yep, more PUMP for that RUMP! We are building off last weeks volume. Gotta keep those legs strong and juicy during our quarantine time. Feel free to perform […]

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