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Best CrossFit Workouts for Women: Benefits of Women CrossFit Training

CrossFit workouts for women are a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in your fitness routine. Women of any age or capability can get started with CrossFit – it just requires a commitment to the workouts and a willingness to push your own boundaries. CrossFit gyms are an excellent […]

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Olympic Weightlifting in Colorado

Many people are unaware of how much CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting in Colorado are truly connected. In fact, for many athletes CrossFit is their entrée into the world of Olympic weightlifting and conversely, Olympic weightlifting has informed many of the most famous CrossFit workouts. Perhaps more surprising is the long history of Olympic weightlifting in […]

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CrossFit 101 Workouts: Beginning a CrossFit Journey

If you are interested in getting started with CrossFit, you will probably begin with CrossFit 101 workouts. CrossFit 101 is the recommended course taken before entering an everyday CrossFit class. Because some of the workouts include weights or new movements, it is important to start your CrossFit journey right with a lesson on how it’s […]

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How Does CrossFit Work?

How does CrossFit work? Many people begin looking into CrossFit when they see the amazing results from other CrossFitters. However, it takes going to a class to see why it works so well. At a CrossFit gym, there is an extremely motivating energy and supportive community to help you take your fitness to the next […]

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CrossFit Weight Loss: Is CrossFit Good for Weight Loss?

When starting out with CrossFit weight loss is a common goal for beginners. Gym signups explode following the holidays for a reason. People tend to pack on the pounds during the winter and eventually look for solutions that will get rid of some of the extra weight. They are typically drawn to the clear physical […]

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