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CrossFit Weight Loss: Is CrossFit Good for Weight Loss?

When starting out with CrossFit weight loss is a common goal for beginners. Gym signups explode following the holidays for a reason. People tend to pack on the pounds during the winter and eventually look for solutions that will get rid of some of the extra weight. They are typically drawn to the clear physical results that other people have gotten from the workouts. That begs the question, is CrossFit good for weight loss?

CrossFit Weight Loss: Getting Started

The short answer is yes, CrossFit can definitely help people get rid of extra pounds and is especially good for quickly burning fat. However, the other great part about CrossFit is the ability to add on some muscle. If you meet someone who has been succeeding with CrossFit, you will likely be less impressed by their weight and more impressed by their great shape and their physical ability. That being said, CrossFit coaches are ready to help you work toward your health and fitness goals, so it’s a good idea to communicate the results you are looking for, so they can help you achieve them.

Feel the Burn

One of the major contributors to CrossFit weight loss is the serious calorie burn that occurs during a workout. CrossFit is primarily high-intensity training. This typically means that you are putting in a lot of effort, but in shorter bursts than many other types of workouts. High intensity circuits result in a high calorie burn in a short amount of time. So, is CrossFit good for weight loss? When it comes to burning calories, getting in those highly effective workouts can definitely help people shed pounds quickly.

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Support from the CrossFit Community

Joining CrossFit means joining a community of people who are also trying their best to take care of their health and body. Meeting with people who inspire you throughout the week to workout is a great ritual for those trying to lose weight through an active lifestyle. It is inspiring to see the effort everyone else is putting into their workouts and it makes the pain a little easier and the results much more rewarding.

On top of that, there is often a bit of a fun, competitive energy in CrossFit gym. Even people who are not naturally competitive may come in and find themselves wanting to show what they can accomplish that week. Typically, if you stick with the exercise you can make a lot of progress over the course of a few weeks – which is something worth showing off a little. However overall, the people that you will meet when you go to a CrossFit gym tend to be extremely supportive. Having that community makes every session more enjoyable and exciting.

Finding the Right Workout for Your Schedule

There are so many different kinds of workout programs to get involved with, but not all are created equal. Some require two hour-long classes and daily commitments. The truth is most people don’t have a ton of time to commit to their workouts. They need something efficient and effective that gets the job done and makes them feel great. With most workout programs, the time commitment makes it much less realistic. With CrossFit, classes are designed to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time. That sometimes means being able get a great workout in before a workday, or not needing to go every single day of the week to get results.

For many exercises, you are racing against the clock, or trying to get as much as possible accomplished in a certain amount of time. This encourages a lot of effort from the moment you step into the CrossFit gym. However, they’re over quickly and once you’re done you can leave it all there. One of the best parts about these exercises is the way that you can power through and get it done. It doesn’t prolong your workout, and instead makes them extremely efficient. Many people struggle to find the right program for their schedule and needs – and often end up quitting things because they don’t have the time to make a real commitment. When you start with CrossFit, you know you won’t be wasting any time when you get to the gym.

Building Healthier Habits

Powering through a workout is much more difficult with the wrong fuel. That is why many people find themselves eating much better when they begin a new CrossFit routine. Putting all that effort into a workout is best supplemented with a healthy diet. It makes you feel better during the session and also inspires you do be more aware of what you’re eating after a workout. Taking care of your body tends to have a ripple effect. Once you start to get moving, you’ll want to also change other less healthy parts of your life, whether that be eating a lot of processed foods, smoking, or other less than ideal habits.

Is CrossFit good for weight loss? If you are going to classes and eating the right foods when you leave, CrossFit weight loss can become pretty effortless if that is your goal. However, sometimes weight loss isn’t the goal of the people attending. The great thing about CrossFit is that it can get some serious results for people trying to pack on muscle too.

Things to Consider with CrossFit Weight Loss

An important thing to consider on your “weight loss” journey? You might not actually want to lose weight. Looking at some of the most successful CrossFitters, you will see people that have primarily burned fat and gained muscle. Sometimes the scale can be deceiving when you are working muscles. Working hard can pack on the pounds, but in a way that looks great and makes you feel amazing. Is CrossFit good for weight loss? Initially, many people who carry extra weight will begin to lose weight from the increase in calorie burn, but eventually you will likely begin to have completely different goals once you’ve begun seeing more results.

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Focusing on Feeling Great

It is good to have clear goals when beginning a new fitness routine, but the most important one is that you feel good in your body. Once you begin to see the progress you are capable of with fitness, your perspective may shift a little. Instead of focusing on the weight of your body, you may begin to focus more on the weight of your lifts. Is CrossFit good for weight loss? Yes, but it’s also great for your overall health and wellness.

Getting Results

Getting CrossFit weight loss results can be an exciting step on your fitness journey. However, beyond that, you’ll find that the other aspects of CrossFit are also super rewarding. Being able to get a little bit better every week is an amazing feeling, and it is what keeps people coming back to the gym.

Is CrossFit good for weight loss? Yes, and a lot more than that. CrossFit weight loss is really just the beginning. When it comes to building goals, starting CrossFit will have you feeling better, looking fantastic and accomplishing physical feats you didn’t know you were capable of.

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