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First-Time CrossFit: What to Expect from CrossFit Training

First-time CrossFit trainees may be a bit intimidated at the start of their journey. However, they quickly learn why so many people get started with the workouts and never turn back. It is one of the most motivating and life-changing moves you can make toward improving your personal health and wellness. What to Expect from […]

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CrossFit Competitions Denver: Upcoming Denver CrossFit Competitions

If you’re looking to participate in CrossFit competitions in Denver this year, then we have you covered. Click here for our list of 2020 competitions.

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CrossFit Plan: Committing to a CrossFit Workout Plan

Developing a CrossFit workout plan is one of the best ways to remain accountable, on track and in shape. Over time, it can be easy to slip into phases where you’re not getting to the gym as often – but every time you get off track it makes getting started again a bit harder. That […]

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CrossFit Benefits: What are the Benefits of CrossFit Training?

There are so many CrossFit benefits that keep people coming back; it is a constantly changing and challenging program that gets results. Better than any at-home machine or cardio class – it’s a lifestyle that keeps you fit for life. Many people try to get into fitness by themselves, but what creates positive habits is […]

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Top 5 Famous CrossFit Celebrities

It’s no surprise that there are many famous CrossFit celebrities in Hollywood. CrossFit is the go-to workout for many stars because of its killer, transformative results. CrossFit routines are high-intensity, full-body workouts that don’t waste any time. Plenty of famous actors, singers, and other public figures have chosen CrossFit’s workouts to stay in shape. The […]

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