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First-Time CrossFit: What to Expect from CrossFit Training

First-time CrossFit trainees may be a bit intimidated at the start of their journey. However, they quickly learn why so many people get started with the workouts and never turn back. It is one of the most motivating and life-changing moves you can make toward improving your personal health and wellness.

What to Expect from CrossFit Training

If you’re interested in becoming a first-time CrossFitter, you should expect a lot of learning, major changes in your body, and a completely different gym experience. You will find that the first-time CrossFit classes are especially transformative and rewarding because they introduce a brand-new way to workout. If you’re wondering what to expect from CrossFit training, look forward to these challenges and unbelievable benefits.

A Lot of Learning

Getting started with CrossFit means that you have access to some of the best fitness coaching available. CrossFit 101 walks first-time CrossFit participants through the proper movements and equipment techniques. That way, you can avoid injury and get the best results from your workout. CrossFit is known for having “universal scalability”, which means anyone can start from the beginning and work their way up to more difficult workouts and lifts. People of any ability, age or shape can find their way into the gym and discover their strengths.

A Different Gym Set Up

Unlike your typical gym, you will probably not find treadmills, ellipticals, or much machinery at all in a CrossFit gym. Classes usually begin with dynamic warm-ups, where you will get your body ready for the more difficult strength training and cardio. After getting warmed up, you get started with the skill and strength work. Then, you’ll transition into the workout of the day. This part is different pretty much every session, which challenges your muscles, and makes sure you don’t adapt too much to any specific exercise routines. It allows the body to remain agile and continue to improve its capabilities.

Some Sore Muscles

Building muscle means first damaging muscle. The first few weeks of CrossFit will probably be a completely new experience for your body, so you will likely experience a bit of soreness in the days following a workout. While this can be a bit uncomfortable, it means that your dedication is working. Soreness indicates that you have put those muscles to work – and you’ll be rewarded by visible results. The more you progress through CrossFit, the more you’ll get used to the feeling afterward. CrossFit-lovers usually end up seeking out that muscle soreness by challenging themselves a little more every week.

A Boost in Mood

Working out inevitably provides a solid mood boost. Chemically, endorphins and other “happy hormones” are being rushed to your brain whenever you move your body. Hard workouts like CrossFit high intensity intervals are fast and effective in building energy, and making you feel great. Beyond the hormonal reaction, you also will be undeniably happier in your body. CrossFit makes your body more capable of doing fun day-to-day activities, and it also gets you in amazing shape. Noticing the progress your body is making over the course of a couple months will definitely have you feeling more confident in your physique. That positive boost tends to seep into almost every aspect of your life.

A Supportive Community

If you’re wondering what to expect from CrossFit training, ask someone from the massive CrossFit community. The people who get involved in CrossFit are often some of the most supportive exercise-lovers you will find. Through difficult circuits and weekly accomplishments, the people who attend your gym will cheer you on through it all. You have to be dedicated to try first-time CrossFit, but you will see why people love the experience when you get involved with a hard-working team. CrossFit gyms are usually composed of individuals from your neighborhood and community, so it is a great way to meet new friends and motivate each other.

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Serious Physical Challenges and Accomplishments

CrossFit is not a walk in the park, it is filled with some serious physical challenges. However, many people notice that every week they get a little bit better at handling the workouts their coaches present them with. It will never be very easy, but once you build the strength, your ability also grows, and you’ll be able successfully complete each exercise. Incrementally improving becomes an exciting challenge every time you walk into the gym. While the personal accomplishment is amazing, many people even choose to move into Denver CrossFit competitions and other workout challenges.

Healthier Habits and More Energy

When you’re working out regularly, you’re often starting off the day with an intense work out or looking forward to it throughout the day. Putting so much work into making your body feel better increases motivation to eat better and take on healthier habits. Putting the right fuel into your body makes your workouts feel better and ends up being much more rewarding in the long run. Putting such a concentrated effort into your personal health and regular exercise translates into more energy throughout the day and feeler better overall.

Exciting Short-Term Results

After a couple of weeks doing CrossFit, nearly everyone experiences some exciting results. It can quickly begin to tone and build muscle, giving you a near-immediate boost in confidence and ability. If you’re wondering what to expect from CrossFit training in the first month, look forward to a relatively quick boost in physical ability, and the first glimpses of visible results all over your body.

Life-Changing Long-Term Results

While there are definitely some great results from the start, it is long-term participation that makes the first-time CrossFit training really worth it. You are constantly improving your capabilities, strength and form. When regularly attending, you will find your body gets better and better at handling those challenges.

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A Potential Desire to Compete

A lot of people start out CrossFit with simple intentions to get in shape. For many, after long-term dedication to the workout, they want to prove their abilities. That is why CrossFit competitions have been rapidly growing in popularity among participants. It is a chance to show your stuff, and it provides a clear goal to work toward every week leading up to the competition. They are not easy, but CrossFit competitions are extremely rewarding for those willing to put in the work.

What to Expect from CrossFit Training

Most CrossFit gyms offer the first class for free, so you can experience the environment and workout difficulty. You will also get to meet your local coach and discover their unique training style. While many people walk in looking to try out the exercise, they often leave ready to jump into the full CrossFit experience. Investing in CrossFit is the first step to transforming the way you feel every day.

First Time CrossFit: How to Get Started

Getting started with CrossFit is easy and the results are completely game-changing. Learn the proper exercise form, challenge yourself regularly and discover why so many people have made the switch to CrossFit. If you are interested beginning your workout journey with DTC CrossFit, get started today.

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