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Holiday Workout Plan: How to Workout During the Holidays

Finding time to workout during the holidays can be a huge challenge. Schedules are packed, family is visiting, and the food is so good that it makes you want to immediately fall asleep on the couch. There is a lot of extra effort involved in maintaining your fitness progress and keeping a routine, but it […]

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CrossFit Equipment

CrossFit gyms are known for cultivating strong community and even stronger athletes. The high intensity, high repetition workouts are designed to promote a full body workout using equipment that is not found in most gyms. Using every muscle group, CrossFit’s short, intense workouts continuously change and use the equipment in different ways. In fact, CrossFit […]

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The History of CrossFit Games

While the history of the CrossFit Games began relatively recently, the theory behind the Games date back to 1970. Read more to learn about the history.

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How to Start Weight Training: Key Components of an Effective Routine

If you’re wondering how to start weight training, you’re not alone. Follow these steps to get the information you need. Read more to find out how.

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Rest vs Restore

I talk a lot to my athletes about the importance of making rest and recovery a part of their CrossFit routine. Many know that I am a big believer of simply listening to your body and have found that the 3 days ON / 1 Day OFF / 2 days ON / 1 Day OFF […]

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