Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Wednesday – 2/20/2019

The Workout for Wednesday is:



40 seconds ON / 20 seconds OFF x 4 Minutes (Alternating)

-Row or Shuttle Run



-Banded Handcuff Stretch x 30 sec /side

-PVC Lat Opener x 30 sec /side


2 Rounds

-10 Single Leg RDL /leg with empty barbell

-10 Strict Press with empty barbell

-5 to 10 Bar or Ring Kips


AMRAP x 20

-500/400m Row

-15 Clean & Jerks (135/85)

-5 Ring Muscle-Ups

*If you choose to bike, double the distance.

*Move smoothly, don’t rush anything. Keep the machine pace comfortable, clean and jerks in singles and consistent, if possible unbroken muscle ups throughout. IF 5 muscle ups unbroken is impossible, break it up in a way that you KNOW you will never miss.



Strict Pull-Ups

EMOM x 5

-4 to 7 Wide Grip Pull-Ups

*Keep reps manageable. If this is way too easy, you can do C2B.


EMOM x 5

-4 to 7 reps /leg

*Perform all on one leg before moving to the next.


3 Rounds

-20 Band Lat Pull Downs

-20 Band Y-Pulls



4 x 10 reps


Assault Bike or Run

EMOM x 8

-10 sec Sprint, 50 sec Easy

Rest 2 Minutes

EMOM x 8

-7 sec Sprint, 53 sec Easy

Rest 2 Minutes

EMOM x 8

5 sec Sprint, 55 sec Easy

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