Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Wednesday – 6/5/2019

The Workout for Tuesday is:

-20 sec S.A. KB Swing
-20 sec S.A. KB Front Squat
-20 sec S.A. KB Shoulder-to-Overhead
4 Rounds (2 rounds per side)
*Perform entire complex on one side then switch.

With an empty barbell…
-5 Tempo RDLs with Snatch Grip
-5 BTN Strict Presses
-5 Tempo Back Squats
-5 Tempo Good Mornings

10 sec Isometric Pull
5 Broad Jumps (land soft)

5 x 3 (climbing)
Lift based on feel. Aim for your 3rd set to be around 90% if and only if you feel good, build from there. 

2 Rounds
-10 Snatches (95/65)(Rx+ 135/95)
-10 Front Squats
-100 Double-Unders
~immediately into~
5 Rounds
-6 Front Rack Lunges (95/65)(Rx+ 135/95)
-12 Pull-Ups (Rx+ C2B)
-18 American KB Swings (55/35)(Rx+ 70/55)

(Choose 1-2 based on your goals)

5 Sets
-8 Straight Arm DB Flys @ heavy
-8 Straight Arm DB Pull-Overs @ heavy

HSPU Cardionastics
-21 Strict HSPU
-21 Cal Ski
-18 Strict HSPU
-18 Cal Ski
-15 Strict HSPU
-15 Cal Ski
-12 Strict HSPU
-12 Cal Ski
*Scale HSPU to a number that only takes 2-3 sets each round.

Assault or Echo Bike
7-10 sets x 1k
Rest 2:00

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