Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Tuesday – 6/25/2019

The Workout for Tuesday is:

-4 Single Arm Devils Press (Rt Side)
-88′ DB Overhead Carry (Rt Side)
-4 Single Arm Devils Press (Lt Side)
-88′ DB Overhead Carry (Lt Side

3 Rounds
-15 sec Cat/Cow
-15 sec T-Spine Rotation
-15 sec T-Spine Rotation
-15 sec Puppy Dog Stretch

Snatch Technique

Every 2 minutes x 10 Rounds
-10/7 Cal Bike Sprint
-2 Power Snatches (climbing)
*This is a great day to work on your snatch technique. Being tired tends to to keep us more “in-tuned” to our mechanics. Also, you have 10 sets here, so small jumps are encouraged. If you are not comfortable in this movement, then keep the weight light and do 3-4 reps from the hang.

3 Rounds
-1 minute Max Russian KB Swings (70/55)
-1 minute Max Toes-to-Bar
-1 minute Max Abmat Sit-Ups
-1 minute Rest
*This should be a fun little burner after today’s strength/cardio piece. All abs 🙂

*We all have extra weaknesses we want a focus on. Only choose what will move the needle for you based on your goals, but will allow you to successfully recover before your next training session.

EMOM x 6
-3 Overhead Slam Ball Throws (50/40)(against concrete wall)
-3 Consecutive Broad Jumps (stay under control and land soft)
*Ball throws against wall should be violent! Be an athlete on the broad jumps! How far can you get?

When the clock reaches 10:00…..

EMOM x 6
-5 DB Lateral Raises
-5 DB Curls /side
*Yep… have fun with this 🙂

[Gross Conditioning]
Every 4 minutes x 5 Rounds
-60 sec Wall Sit (hold 45/35 plate)
-6 D-Ball Cleans (150/100)
-30 sec D-Ball Squats (hold at chest)

[Engine Builder]
Every 8 minutes x 4 Rounds
-40/30 Cal Bike
-Rest 60 seconds
-40/30 Cal Bike

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