Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Tuesday – 2/18/2020 (Sweat WOD Included)

The Workout for Tuesday is:

In a 15 minutes window, build to a heavy complex for the day.
High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch
*You may choose to power or squat for the complex, but we expect advanced athletes to squat all three reps. If Snatching isn’t your jam, stay light and use this time to get a some great practice.

10 Rounds for Time
-10/8 Cal Machine
-10 Russian KB Swings (70/55)
-30 Double-Unders
*Lots of transitions here so be mindful of your setup.

EMOM x 30
-Minute 1: Burpee x 12 reps
-Minute 2: Reverse Lunge x 24 steps
-Minute 3: Double-Under x 48 reps

*We all have extra weaknesses we want a focus on. Only choose what will move the needle for you based on your goals, but will allow you to successfully recover before your next training session.

[Gross Strength]
Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets)
-5 Deficit Deadlifts (stand on thin 45# plate)
*Pulling from a deficit today just to switch things up a little.

3 Rounds, NFT
-10 Strict C2B Pull-Ups OR 1 to 2 Pegboards
-10 Kipping C2B Pull-Ups (any style)
-50′ HS Walk*
*Have some fun with the HS Walk. Setup an obstacle course/stairs or just try to see how far you can walk. Don’t turn this section into a killer. Just a good time to practice some skills.

[Gross Conditioning]
For Time
21 – 15 – 9
-Strict HSPU
-Ski Erg Cals

[Engine Builder]
Speed Day
-Machine 10 minutes for Max Cals
*This is a test so push hard!

Row Option: Yes
Bike Option: Yes
Run Option: Yes
Ski Option: Yes
*Track you Cals/Distance.

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