Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Thursday – 5/2/2019

The Workout for Thursday is:

5 Rounds

Prisoner Stretch 🙂

2 Rounds
-5 HR Push-Ups
-2 Floor-to-Standing Rope Climbs

Bench Press
5 x 10
All sets must be at 65% plus of your 1RM.
If you haven’t used DB in awhile, feel free to use those to mix it up.

AMRAP x 15
-1 Rope Climb (Legless if you can)
-10 Cal Bike
-15 HR Push-Ups
Rx+ is with a vest. Bring one if you have it!

If you have time, get this little “pump” circuit in:
Partner Style with a barbell only:
Do 10 Bicep Curls each (back and forth) for 10 sets
Complete 3-4 sets of DB Skull Crushers with your choice of weight.
Keep you elbows in the entire movement.
Do each set till “failure” and rest 60-90 sec between sets

[DTC Engine]
Row 30 Minutes @ 20 s/m
Rest 2:00
750m Row @ 2k pace
Rest 2:00
250m Row @ 1k pace

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