Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Thursday – 5/16/2019

The Workout for Thursday is:

3 Rounds
-10/8 Cal Row
-10 Single Arm Goblet Squats 5/side

Squat Hold on Rig x :40
PVC Pass Through x 10
PVC Pec Opener x 5 /side

2 Rounds
-3 Regular Push-Ups
-3 Single Arm Deficit Push-Ups (Rt side)
-3 Single Arm Deficit Push-Ups (Lt side)
-12 Plate G2OH

5 Rounds
-3 reps on Bench Press (climbing)
Immediately into;
-60 sec Max Effort Back Squat 135/95 (from the floor)
Rest 2 minutes
The Bench Press should start somewhere around 80% and build to a 3RM

ACCESSORY (if you have time)
Pick One from below
-100 Slam Balls
-10 Legless Rope Climbs (Rx+ 5 Pegboards)
-Tabata Assault Bike for Max Cals

Short and Sweet
1250m @ 2k pace
Rest 5:00
500m @ faster pace
Rest 3:00
250m @ fastest pace

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