Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Thursday – 2/20/20 (Sweat WOD Included)

The Workout for Thursday is:

Every 3 minutes, for 30 minutes (10 sets)
-12/9 Cal Bike Sprint (Advanced Athlete 15/12)
-10 Toes-to-Bar
-8 Devils Press
*Should be a fun interval day! Choose your DB weight based on how you’re feeling. You should have time to recover between sets so you can go hard every round.

3 Rounds for Max Cals
-3:00 Max Cal Ski
-3:00 Max Cal Row
-3:00 Max Cal Bike Erg
-3:00 Max Burpee Box Jump Over
-Rest 1:00
*Yeah buddy!

*We all have extra weaknesses we want a focus on. Only choose what will move the needle for you based on your goals, but will allow you to successfully recover before your next training session.

-Lat Roll Out x 1:00 R/L
-Tricep Smash on Barbell x 1:00 R/L
-Pec Smash x 1:00 R/L
-Barbell Upper Trap Smash x 1:00 R/L
-Anterior Delt Lacrosse Ball x 1:00 R/L
-Banded Overhead Lat Stretch x 2:00 R/L
-Arms Overhead T-Spine Roll Out x 2:00
-Wall Pec Stretch x 2:00 R/L

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Make up a missed piece from this week.

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