Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Monday – 5/18/2020

We are continuing to program Bodyweight workouts.
For the Bodyweight WOD, change the workout track on SugarWOD to “BodyWork!”

The Workout for Monday is:

(Option A)
Every 60 seconds, for 10 minutes (10 sets)
-Sumo Deadlift x 2 reps
*Listen to your body. You can build or use the heaviest weight across. Focus on speed.

(Option B)
*Below in extra credit.

Every 3 minutes until you reach 80/65 Cals
*Check SugarWOD.

[Applied Strength]
EMOM x 15 Minutes
-1 Depth Jump (20″ to 30/24″)
-1 Squat Snatch
*Work up.

[Engine Builder]
*Check SugarWOD.

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