Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Monday – 4/6/2020

The Workout for Monday is:

Bulgarian Split Squats
5 x 16 /leg
*We are still building off our previous weeks. Your legs should be getting used to this by now. Complete your 5 sets at your own pace, just be mindful no to rest too much between sets (2:00 max)

For Max Reps
:20 Work / :10 Rest x 20 Minutes (Cycle Thru)
Station 1: Prisoner Squats
Station 2: Diamond Push-Ups OR Gorilla Rows (Rt + Lt = 1)
Station 3: Jumping Knee Tucks (get your knees above hips)
Station 4: Alternating Wall Planks (up to the wall and down is 1 rep)
*Round 1 will be Diamond Push-Ups. Round 2 will be Gorilla Rows. 
**If the Wall Planks are too hard, you can perform shoulder taps from a wall walk position. Free Standing Handstand shoulder taps are an option as well. Ask a coach for help if you are unsure what to do.

[Engine Builder]
Max Aerobic Power Day
18 Rounds
-Run/Machine x 60 seconds
-Rest 30 seconds
*Track your distance/cals.


EMOM x 10
Strict Press x 2 reps
*Use heaviest weight across all 10 sets

For Time
-50 Squat Cleans (155/105)
*Yep, thats right. No where to hide.

EMOM x 20
-5 Kipping C2B Pull-Ups + 5 Kipping Ring/Stationary Dips
*Building some volume here with plenty of rest to not destroy you. Use this time to work on your efficiency.

[Gross Conditioning]
10 Rounds for Time
-10 Cal Bike Sprint (or Row)
-10 Kipping HSPU
-Rest 1:00
*Each round should be as fast as possible.

5 Rounds for Quality
-Lateral DB Raise + Front DB Raise x 10 reps
*Develop and protect that shoulder girdle.


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