Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Monday – 3/16/2020

With all the craziness going on with COVID-19,
we will be posting a daily Corona-Con for anyone who needs/wants to do a workout at home.
Remember, we are not having any classes this week,
but will offer open gym time ALL DAY for members only. 
~Check the schedule for opening/closing times.~

The Workout for Monday is:

Back Squat
-In 5:00, complete 4 Sets of 4 Reps (building)
-In 4:00, complete 2 Sets of 2 Reps (building)
-In 2:00, complete 1 Heavy Rep!
*Use the first 6 sets to ramp up for the heavy single. Lift based on feel. Use a continuous clock.

Age Group Qualifier #3
For Time
-100 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35)
-50 Cal Row
-100 Bar Facing Burpees
Time Cap: 20 minutes

CORONA-CON (Home workout option)
For Time
-50 Burpees
-400m Run (find a track or guesstimate)
-100 Push-Ups
-400m Run
-150 Walking Lunges
-400m Run
-200 Air Squats
-400m Run
-150 Walking Lunges
-400m Run
-100 Push-Ups
-400m Run
-50 Burpees

*We all have extra weaknesses we want a focus on. Only choose what will move the needle for you based on your goals, but will allow you to successfully recover before your next training session.

3 Rounds for Completion
-25 GHD Sit-Ups
-25 GHD Hip Extensions

[Engine Builder]
Max Aerobic Power Day
12 Rounds
-Machine :90
-Rest :90

Row Option: Yes
Bike Option: Yes
Run Option: Yes
Ski Option: Yes
Track your Cals/Distance each round.

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