Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday – 7/5/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

3 Minute Machine
Flux: 50 sec moderate pace / 10 sec Sprint

-10 PVC Pass Throughs
-10 PVC Lat Opener
-10 Scorpions

Review and setup for Metcon

One BIG ass interval weight lifting session!

5 Rounds
-5 Hang Power Cleans (climbing)
30 sec Transition
-5 Bench Press (climbing)
30 sec Transition
-1 minute Max Cal Bike
30 sec Transition
-1 minute Max T2B or Abmat Sit-Ups
*Rest 2 minutes after each round.

I really need you to go hard on those lifts. Start with something that’s challenging right away and keep climbing. I need all the reps to be unbroken, but if you do happen to break, then still finish the left over reps anyway. Team up with a few other people who share the same (ish) weights. I think this is going to be a super fun day 🙂


3 Rounds
-20 Band Pull Throughs
-10 to 12 Glute Ham Raises

For Time
-1000m Row
-4ooom Bike
-1000m Row
*Every 2 minutes, including 0:00…you must perform a 50′ Handstand Walk. The handstand walk should be something that you can confidently hit unbroken for the first few rounds; modify accordingly.

[Applied Strength]
EMOM x 15
1 Snatch
*Lift based on feel, this is a great time to fine tune somethings if you’ve been having any issues. 

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