Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday – 4/5/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

In 15 minutes:
Establish your 1RM Snatch for the Day
In 15 minutes:
Establish your 1RM Clean & Jerk for the Day

*Thought it’d be fun to end the week with some lifting. Bring the energy today and pump up your fellow members! What you hit today will give some of you a baseline number to train off of for the next lifting block. If you’re not feeling it, use this time as practice and get some good lifting done.

The lifting today will be the main focus of class.
If you need some cardio in your life, hang out after class and hit some extra credit in 🙂

-4 DBall Clean (150/100)
-4 Bar Muscle-Ups

Back Rack Walking Lunges
5 x 50′ (heavy)
*Rest as needed between sets
*After each set, perform 3 Tall Box Jumps

[Engine Builder]
Ski 200m x 8
Rest 2:00
*Hit it fast, hit it hard…

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