Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday – 4/19/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

3 Rounds
15 sec. Jumping Jacks
15 sec. Air Squats
15 sec Mtn Climbers
15 sec Jump Squats

3 Rounds
15 sec Plank
15 sec Superman
15 sec Side Plank
15 sec Side Plank

Snatch/OHS Tech.

Every 3 min. x 5 Rounds
-Row 250m
-3 Pos. Snatch (Floor/Below Knee/Above Knee)
(65%/70%/75% x 3)

Rest 5 minutes, then;

Every 2 min. x 5 Rounds
-200m Run
-Max Overhead Squats OR Thrusters (no there isn’t a 3rd option)
Rx=95/65 Rx+ 135/95

Snatch High Pull
5 x 3 @ 75% (of snatch)

Snatch Push Press + OHS
5 x 5+1 @ 75% (of Snatch or OHS)

C2B Cardionastics
100 Bar Facing Burpees
*At 0:00 and every 60 seconds after, perform 8 C2B Pull-Ups.
*Scale C2B down to a number you can hit consistently and unbroken under fatigue for 10-15 minutes. You can also scale to regular pull-ups as well. This should be very challenging.

3 Sets
Weighted Planks
1:00 On / 1:00 Off
Place a plate on your mid back.

2 Sets
100′ Single Arm DB OH Carry
*If you have poor shoulder mobility, easily injured shoulders, or a bum shoulder. DO THIS!

4 x 3k meters
Rest 3:00 between sets
Increase pace each round. 

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