Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday – 3/15/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

3 Rounds
-15 sec Jumping Jack
-15 sec Air Squat
-15 sec Mtn. Climber
-15 sec Jump Squat

3 Rounds
-15 sec Plank
-15 sec Superman
-15 sec Side Plank
-15 sec Side Plank

Worlds Greatest Stretch x 10

27 Squat Progression

Back Squat
6 x 3 @ 75%

AMRAP x 12
-12 KB Thrusters (55/35)
-12/10 Cal Machine
-12 KB Swings
-12/10 Cal Machine
*This workout has a pretty fast turnaround between movements so it can be very easy to make a pacing mistake. You should move smoothly between movements, keep breathing in check and focus on the P.O.P of each movement.

Muscle Snatch
5 x 2 @ ascending between 40-50%

Snatch Complex
6 Sets
-1 Snatch High Pull
-2 Hang Snatches
*If you’re doing 19.4 use this time to play around with your cycling technique as practice. If you are not doing 19.4 get after it!

5 Sets
-6 Lateral Ball Slams
-8 Tall Box Jumps

[Post. Chain]
Banded Reverse Hyper
5 x 20

6 Rounds
-400m Run or 500m Row @ RPE 85%
-Walk 200m or Row 25om easy

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