Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday – 2/22/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

-30 Jumping Jacks
-10 Push-Ups to Down Dog
-20 sec HS Hold On Wall

Couch Stretch

-10 Single Arm DB Devils Press (5/5)
-10 DB Goblet Squats
-20 Band Pull Aparts

Option A: Take 12 minute to work up to a heavy Front Squat double for the day.
*Be smart here. If you plan to do the Open tomorrow, don’t go crazy. Wake those legs up and get them feeling strong.
Option B: Take 12 minutes to work up to a heavy Squat Clean.
*Again, be smart here….

Every 3 minutes for 5 Rounds
-10/8 Cal Bike Sprint
-5 Devils Press (50/35)
-10 DB Box Step-Overs (20″)
*This will be a fun little sprint workout to hit before our long aerobic bout at 19.1 tomorrow. You can obviously make this workout as hard or as easy as you’d like. Make it fun!

Bar Muscle-Ups
5 Rounds
5 to 7 reps
*Rest as little as possible between sets

Machine of Choice
5 Rounds
-3 Minutes “On” @ moderate pace
-1 Minute @ recovery pace
*Only do this if you want to.. It may help you decide your pacing for 19.1

4 Rounds
-10 Body Rows, hold at chest for 3 seconds
-10 DB Overhead Sit-Ups (35/25)

[Post. Chain]
Hip Extensions
3 x 20

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