Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Friday -10/18/2019

The Workout for Friday is:

3 Rounds
-20 H2H KB Swings
-15 Goblet Squats
-10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (5/side)

-Cossack Squat x 10
-Cat/Cow x 10
-Puppy Dog x 30 sec
-Forearm Opener x 30 sec

Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes
Front Squat x 3 reps
*Add weight each set, building to a heavy triple for the day.

AMRAP x 20 Minutes
In teams of 2, accumulate Max Meters between the Rower and Running.
*Both athletes will work at the same time and switch between Rowing and Running as much as you want. Someone must be on the Rower at all times.
*Keep track of your total meters accumulated as a team. Can any team clear 10,000 meters total?

*We all have extra weaknesses we want a focus on. Only choose what will move the needle for you based on your goals, but will allow you to successfully recover before your next training session.

16 x 20 sec ON /10 sec OFF (alternating)
-Ring Support Hold
-Bottom of Dip Hold
*Just like earlier this week. If 20 seconds is not doable yet, try 10 seconds ON / 20 seconds OFF. This will be a consistent test for us to build on over the next couple of weeks. Simple but very effective.

[Applied Strength]
EMOM x 15 Minutes
-Clean & Jerk x 1 rep
*Work up to 90% 

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