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Thursday – 1/10/2019

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The Workout for Thursday is:

(HR Activation)
EMOM x 6
Odd – Single Unders 45 seconds
Even – 6 KB Thrusters /side

-40 sec. Banded Front Rack/Lat Opener /side
-40 sec. Banded Handcuff Stretch /side

(Specific Activation)
2 Rounds
-10 Banded Push Press
-10 Banded Squat Pull Throughs
2 Rounds
-8 Box Jumps, Step down
-8 Box Jumps, Jump down (no rebound)
-8 Box Jumps, 5 bunny hops between
-8 Box Jumps, rebounding

AMRAP x 20
-10 Push Press (115/85)
-10 KB Swings (55/35)
-10 Box Jumps (24/20″)
*This is a great workout to settle into a nice pace. Weights should not be heavy today but the push press aren’t considered light either. Members should be able to go through al the movement unbroken at a smooth and consistent pace