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Saturday – 12/1/2018

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The Workout for Saturday is:

Coach’s Choice

Review and setup for Metcon

For Time
-100 Deadlifts (225/155)
*At 0:00 and every minute after until completed, perform
-6 Toes-to-Bar
-8 Push-Ups
-10 Air Squats

Handstand Push-Ups
-5 sets of max strict HSPU
Rest exactly 2 minutes between sets
*Take the exact rest written. Must be strict. If you can’t do 5 reps to the ground, put a 25lb plates under your head to reduce the ROM slightly. If you need more the a 25lbs plate, use a high box and get as vertical as you can.

Weighted Pistols on Box
5 x 6 /leg
*Do them all on one leg before moving onto the next.You can use a KB, a vest or holding a plate. 

Straddle Pops (CLICK HERE)
3 x 6-12

[Posterior Chain]
4 Sets
-8 Glute Bridge Holds
-12 Squat Pull Throughs, heavy band

5 x 750m @ 1k pace
Rest 90 seconds between efforts
Rest 5:00
Row 1k For Time