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Monday – 1/7/2019

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The Workout for Monday is:

(HR Activation)
3 Rounds
-12/10 Cal Row
-5 Burpees

10 PVC Compression + Shoulder Extension

(Specific Activation)
2 Sets
-10 Scap Pull-Ups
-10 sec Hold at top of Ring Row
-3 Wall Walks

EMOM x 8 Minutes
Odd – 10 C2B Pull-Ups
Even – 15 Ring Rows

Rx+: Perform 10 C2B Pull-Ups and 10 Ring Rows in the same minute.
*If you have easily do over 25 C2B pull-ups unbroken, do this section as a super set within the same minute. If you struggle with C2B endurance, perform the C2B on one minute and Ring rows on the next. You can add rep in the ring row but no more than 15 reps in the minute.

AMRAP x 12
3, 6, 9, 12, etc
-Calories on Machine of Choice
-Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
*This will be a fun one ๐Ÿ™‚

[Gymnastics Conditioning]
EMOM x 8
Odd – 4 to 10 Strict HSPU
Even – 10 to 15 Seated DB Strict Press @ light weight
Rx+ perform 10/10 in the same minute.
*To make sure the press isnโ€™t affecting too much, you much chose a light weight that you can lock out pretty quickly. The goal is increasing endurance therefore you must be able to maintain your numbers.

5 Sets
-10 Sit-Up to Press with light DBs (CLICK HERE)
-10 Banded Face Pulls

5 Sets
-12 Body Saws (CLICK HERE)
*Perform Body Saws with feet on low rings and elbows on a mat.

12 Rounds
-50 sec ON, 10 sec OFF
Rest 4 Minutes
10 Rounds
45 sec ON, 15 sec OFF
*Keep a consistent pace. This is an aerobic piece, if you try to push at high intensity you may crash and lose the point. Each sets of 50 seconds and 45 seconds should be to hit the same pace.

[Movement Conditioning]
10 x 10
Banded Burpee Pike Ups
Rest 30-60 seconds between.
Tabata Burpees
:20 ON / :10 OFF x 8 Rounds