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Friday – 1/4/2019

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The Workout for Friday is:

3 Rounds
-1 Minute Machine
-10 Lateral Lunges
-10 Jumping Air Squat/Lunge Jumps/Skater Jumps (alternate rounds)

2 Rounds
-10 Tall Kneeling PVC Elbow Touches
-10 Single Leg Hip Internal Rotations (5/5)
-10 Shin Box Rotations
-10 Squatting Knee to Floor Touches (5/5)

Back Squat
4 x 5, across @ 80%
*This will probably feel a bit heavy. Be reasonable, it should be challenging but if you feel today it’s just too heavy, reduce %.

3 Rounds for Time (CAP = 12:00)
-9 Clean and Jerks (95/65)(Rx+ 135/95)
-15 Pull-Ups (Rx+ C2B)
-21 Wall Balls (20/14)(Rx+ 30/20)
*The ultimate goal here is to push this like a sprint. TNG clean and jerks (without rushing the bar) and unbroken PU/C2B and wall balls for the three rounds. If this is unreasonable for you, set yourself a goal of doing one or two of these movements unbroken.

5 Sets @ 50%
-2 Hang Clean Pull (dip to low hang)
-2 Tall Cleans
*This is a warm up for the following section. Pay attention to bar path and acceleration.

Hang Squat Clean
5 x 3, ascending
*Take your time between reps to make sure your movement stays consistent under the heavier loads.

4 Sets
-12 Banded Russian KB Swings
-6 Banded RDL with reach /leg

Assault Bike
5 Rounds
-25/20 Cals
-10 Recovery Air Squats
-6 Burpee Box Jump Overs
*The goal here is to force you to recover quickly for the burpee box jump overs. The second you get off the bike, you start your squats.

[Movement Conditioning]
6 x 50′ HS Walk
Rest 1 minute Max between sets

3 Sets
-40 Russian Twists
-20 Side Bends