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Friday – 1/11/2019

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The Workout for Friday is:

(HR Activation)
3 Rounds
-10/8 Cal Row (First 2 cals stiff legged)
-10 Wall Balls

3 sets
-T-Spine Extension on Wall x 5 Deep Breaths
-Ballistic Leg Swings Front and Back x 10 /side

2 Sets
T1 & T2, 10 reps/side/drill

(Specific Activation)
2 Sets
-10 Slow & Controlled Reach/Roll/Lifts
-10 sec HS Hold

EMOM x 8
Odd – 6 Deadlifts @ 70%
Even – 6 Thrusters @ 45-50% of best clean
*This will feel pretty funky. Your hamstrings will be pre- fatigued therefore your thruster will probably feel different. Your goal here will be to maintain proper torso angle an descent with fatigued hamstrings. Although it will feel weird, you should still control your thrusters as best you can.

“Open Workout 11.4”
AMRAP x 10
-60 Bar Facing Burpees
-30 Overhead Squats (120/90)
-10 Ring Muscle-Ups

6 x 2 @ 70-85%
*Focus on your front rack as you descent into the dip. Your grip on the bar should be firm but not tense. Breath in some air before going down, keep it in and lock your torso with it. Push your knees out and pull elbows up slightly as you descend into the dip. Drive up to full leg extension before pushing yourself underneath using the bar.

4 Sets
8 Russian Lateral Step-Ups /leg @ Double KB Front Rack

Air Runner
5 x 400m
Rest 1 minute between
Goal is to have a consistent pace @ 85% MPE

[Midline/Post. Chain]
5 Sets
-8 Single Arm KB Split Stance RDL (Right)
-30 sec Single Leg Bridge Hold (Right)
-8 Single Arm KB Split Stance RDL (Left)
-30 sec Single Leg Bridge Hold (Left)